Why Does the Price Expire when I Buy Bch on Huobi P2P?

The service of buying/selling BCH is divided into the following steps:

  1. When users buy BCH:
    1. The third-party liquid team buys USDT from the advertiser
    2. The third-party liquid team converts USDT to BCH
  2. When users sell BCH:
    1. The third-party liquid team converts BCH to USDT
    2. The third-party liquid team sells USDT to advertisers

Due to the large fluctuations in the price of crypto, the validity period of the quotation is 20 minutes (the time from order placement to crypto release must be controlled within 20 minutes).

Therefore, if the order is not completed in more than 20 minutes, the order will be changed to the 'price expired' status, and you will receive an SMS/email notification from Huobi. You can return to the order page to choose:

  • Option 1: Obtain a new quotation and choose to continue the transaction. The new quotation may be higher than the original quotation or lower than the original quotation, depending on the current market situation.
  • Option 2: Or if you do not accept the new offer, you will directly get the USDT purchased in the first step transaction, that is, the funds you purchased cannot be refunded, and the order part of the completed transaction will be irrevocable.

The above explanation applies to buying/selling BCH/ETC/BSV/DASH/HPT on Huobi P2P.


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