HTX Prime: Whole Network Introduction

1. Brief Introduction
The Whole Network will be based on the value generated by user behavior, with the help of hardware terminals and user behavior incentives, to form a "behavioral value" network for everyone to use and benefit from.

2. Detailed Introduction
Whole Network is a value Internet based on a new working mechanism, which will really solve the problem of transformation, empowerment and transaction of user behavior value in the new blockchain network. And through the chain record of the user's behavior, to realize the link between the real world human behavior and the virtual world value transformation. As the carrier of Whole Network consensus dissemination and cohesion -- "Whole Network fuel" NODE is generated by users' behavior and contribution to ecological construction, mainly obtained through the use of triangle blockchain mobile phone. NODE is like the combustion of ecology, which promotes the operation of "ecological engine" and maintains the stable operation of ecology.

3. Token Distribution
Reward pool: 65%
Foundation: 5.0%
Team: 5.0%
Ecological development fund: 5.0%
Private placement: 15% (After consultation with private equity firms, 3.5 per cent of them will be transferred through the Prime)
Early release: 5.0% (4 percent of them will be transferred through Prime)


4. Token Information
Total Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 NODE
Total Prime release: 7.5% of total tokens
Prime Release Period: No lock-up/Vesting
Private Round Price: $0.005/NODE
Private Round Allocation: 1,500,000,000, 15% of Total Token Supply

5. Token release mode
Team: 5.0%
All team tokens are locked for 6 months with 5months monthly vesting afterwards.

Private placement: 15%
After consultation with private equity firms, 3.5% of them will be transferred through the Prime ,the remaining 11.5% will lock up in a month, in the second month, the third month, the fourth month will unlock 1% respectively, the seventh month will unlock 1.5%, the eighth month and the ninth month will unlock 2% respectively, the tenth month, the eleventh month, the twelfth month will unlock 1% respectively.

Ecological development fund: 5.0%
2% of the tokens are unlocked and will be used for marketing support and partner incentives to contribute to the long-term development of Whole Network. Lock the remaining 3% for half a year, and unlock 1% every month after half a year,unlock it for 3 months, 3% in total.

2.5% of the total tokens are held by the foundation and unlocked. The purpose of this part of unlocked tokens will be used by the team to maintain the development and operation ; Lock the remaining 2.5% in one month, unlock 1% in the second and third month respectively, and unlock the remaining 0.5% in the sixth month.

Reward pool: 65%
The node users who contribute to the behavior will be unlocked by linear reward through the whole network ecological mobile hardware terminal, and the earliest unlocking time is November 1, 2019.

Early release: 5%
4 per cent of them will be transferred through the Prime and the remaining 1 per cent will be initially unlocked.

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