Cross-Margin Trial Period Starts on August 27 on Huobi Global

Dear users,

Starting 10:00 August 27 (GMT+8), the cross-margin trial period started on Huobi Global, in a bid to enhance users’ trading experience and enrich our product portfolio. During the period, Huobi Global will send targeted invitations in batches to users and offer them access to the product trial. Upon sign-up and notification of enablement, invited users can be the first ones to trade with “cross-margin” mode and enjoy 50% off loan interest rates during the trial period (i.e. 0.05% daily loan interest rate, computed on a hourly basis).   


Other users will only have access to isolated-margin mode for the time being. We will inform you of the time when cross-margin mode is readily available in the form of announcement. 

Cross Margin VS. Isolated Margin

Cross margin is to use all the balance in the margin account as the margin shared by all the positions.

Isolated margin is from a separate margin account reserved for one position only, in isolation from other positions.

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Please be noted that with a reasonable leverage, you may multiply your profits in margin trading. However, you may also face the risk of multiplied losses. Given the great price volatility of digital assets, please be sure to carefully study the potential risks from margin trading and make prudent investment decisions.

Huobi Global
August 27, 2019