“Huobi FastTrack”: Carry Protocol Introduction

1. Brief Introduction
Carry Protocol (CRE) is a blockchain project that compensates consumers for sharing their data and receiving ads.

2. Project Introduction
Carry Protocol is a project that compensates individual consumers for 1. sharing their offline purchase data to build the most comprehensive offline purchase database, and 2. receiving ads from advertisers that use the Carry database to send targeted ads. Carry empowers consumers by giving them back the full control of their data and its monetization, and enables businesses to send targeted ads to the right consumers using the shared data.

When consumers pay for coffee, noodles, skin care service or a cosmetic product in offline stores, they can use Carry-integrated app to share purchase data to receive CRE (Carry tokens). This means over time, Carry will build anonymized offline profile of consumers based on their spending habits. This database will be used by advertisers to target consumers, and advertisers can send ads directly to Carry users by sending ads with CRE tokens. Consumers will receive Carry tokens as a result of viewing ads.

Offline spend is 10 times larger than online spend, yet offline data is not collected or consolidated. Online data is used very well by e-commerce companies or advertisers to deliver targeted ads to maximize ad spend. Carry aims to build the world’s largest offline purchase data and to return control of data privacy and monetization rights back to the consumers.

Carry Protocol is one of Korea’s hottest projects due to the team’s ability to scale and execute in the offline world. Carry is expected to deploy across more than 10,000 offline stores via its partnership with Spoqa, operator of Korea’s largest loyalty solution for offline merchants. Dodo Point is used by 20 million users in Korea and in Japan, and by leveraging Dodo Point’s business assets, Carry is poised to become one of the most used blockchain services in 2020.

3. Token Allocation
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 CRE
Token in Circulation: 1,794,105,945.90 CRE

Token Price and allocation:
Crowdsale Rate : 1 ETH = 65,000 CRE
Crowdsale Unlock : No lockup
Presale Rate : 1 ETH = 74,750 CRE
Presale Unlock : Lock up for 3 months & monthly unlock
Private Sale Rate : 1 ETH = 84,500 or 108,333.33 CRE
Private Sale Unlock : Lock up for 12 months & daily unlock

Token Generation Event: 40%
Partner Programs: 25%
Market Activation: 15%
Team: 10%
Reserve: 5%
Advisors: 5%

4. Related Links
Website: https://carryprotocol.io/ 
Whitepaper(ENG): https://carryprotocol.io/static/docs/Carry_protocol-white_paper%28ENG%29.pdf?cachebust=56ce7d511bc65d0aee3d8ba2b2d5c876 
Block Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0x115ec79f1de567ec68b7ae7eda501b406626478e