“Huobi FastTrack”: V SYSTEMS Introduction

1. Brief Intro
V SYSTEMS (VSYS): A Blockchain Database for Decentralized Finance

2. Project Introduction
V SYSTEMS is a blockchain infrastructure provider with a focus on database and cloud services. Led by Chief Architect Sunny King, the inventor of Proof of Stake consensus, the V SYSTEMS blockchain aims to create a scalable, high performance, secure and holders driving underlying infrastructure platform for blockchain database through his new innovation - Supernode Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus algorithm.

The V SYSTEMS blockchain platform can deliver decentralized cloud database technology with high scalability, finality, durability and performance that is practically resistant to 51% attack. The network can also support efficient and agile development of a vast variety of applications including finance (DeFi), entertainment, social media and many more.

3. Token Allocation
Private Placement: 35.88%
Team: 21.00%
Ecosystems including Public Token Distribution: 43.12%

Total Supply: 5,313,203,059
Genesis Supply: 5,142,858,000

Private Placement Token Allocation: 1,845,257,450
Private Placement Rate: 1 Bitcoin / 100,000 VSYS
Private Placement Unlock: Private placement’s allocation has been unlocked since mainnet launch on 27th November 2018, more than 80% of which have been staked on Supernode since then.  
Team Token Allocation: 1,080,000,180
Team Unlock: Since Smart Contract Launch, 3% each half year, with 7 rounds in total

Following the V SYSTEMS mainnet launch in November 2018, 5,142,858,000 VSYS Coins have been generated from its genesis block. A fixed amount of VSYS Coins as 283,824,000 will be produced every year via supernode minting. There is an annual inflation rate of approximately 5%, however, VSYS Coins that are used as transaction fees and supporting the economic cycles of projects built on the blockchain will be burnt, which can potentially reduce the VSYS Coin inflation.

4. Related links
Official Website: https://www.v.systems 
Whitepaper: https://v.systems/whitepaper.html 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VSYSCoin 
Telegram: https://t.me/VSYSOfficialGroup