Upgraded Key Clients Privilege Program

Dear Huobi users,

Huobi Global had launched Key Clients Privilege Program, which was based on the quarterly average daily AUM or quarterly transaction fee generated. In consideration of the newly-launched HT tiered fees program, we have upgraded the previous Key Clients Privilege Program in order to serve the professional users of HT tiered fees program in a better level. The details are as follow:

1、Key Clients Entry standard:
Key Clients privilege program consists of three tiers: Black diamond VIP, diamond VIP and gold VIP. According to professional user of tiered fee, the details are as follow:

Type Level VIP tier 30 day trading volume (BTC)  HT holdings
(Meet both requirements)
Professional users 1 Gold ≥ 1000 BTC ≥5000HT
2 ≥ 1500 BTC ≥10000HT
3 ≥ 5000 BTC ≥15000HT
4 ≥ 10000 BTC ≥20000HT
5 ≥ 15000 BTC ≥25000HT
6 Diamond ≥ 20000 BTC ≥30000HT
7 ≥ 40000 BTC ≥35000HT
8 ≥ 80000 BTC ≥40000HT
9 Black diamond ≥150000 BTC ≥50000HT

Professional user of level 1 to level 5 is corresponding to gold VIP tier; Professional user of level 6-8 is corresponding to diamond VIP tiers; Professional user of level 9 is corresponding to black diamond tier.

2、Content of Key Clients privilege program:
The Key Clients privilege program is entitled with trade-oriented, ecology-oriented and appreciation-oriented privileges. Huobi Key Clients are offered with a series of high-end privileged service. The Key Clients privilege program has been upgraded. The details are as follow:

Number Orientation Privilege Black diamond VIP Diamond VIP Gold VIP
1 Trade-oriented API-raise service  (crypto-crypto & Contract):
2 Quick crediting of deposits& withdrawal  
3 Daily withdrawal limit Tailor-made Increased by 200% Increased by 100%
4 Exclusive margin limit  
5 Discounted fee (contract trading)  
6 First-hand experience of new beta products     
7 Private customer service
8 Ecology- oriented Industry reports
9 Huobi VIP private seminars:
10 Huobi Club coffee Unlimited free supply on site Unlimited free supply on site Unlimited free supply on site
11 Priority of Huobi CLUB city resource connection Tailor-made  
12 Special spot for Huobi university admission interview    
13 Access to Huobi LABS high-quality incubation resource  
14 Appreciation- oriented Festival gift
15 Birthday gift
16 Priority to Huobi China Tour meet-ups
17 Huobi family dinner  
18 Mysterious Privilege    

Privilege Details:
1. Trade-oriented:
① Exclusive API-raise service (crypto-crypto &Contract): Raising your API and making your trade faster.
② Quick crediting:Black Diamond VIP and Diamond VIP have their deposits and with drawl credited quickly.
③ Daily withdrawal limit: daily withdraw limit raised by 100%-200%.
④ Exclusive margin limit: exclusive notification of increasing holdings and tailor-made financing solutions.
⑤ Discounted fee (contract trading): futures and spot linkage,lower rates, more trading opportunities.
⑥ First-hand experience of new beta products: experience products and services regularly.
⑦ Private customer service: 24/7 exclusive customer service.

2. Ecology- oriented:
① Exclusive Industry reports: exclusive industry report, industry trend and updates.
② Huobi VIP private seminars: quick updates with Industry news and step up with blockchain AI.
③Huobi Club coffee: Huobi Club coffee free supply & unlimited cup refilling on site exclusively limited to the VIP him/herself.
④ Priority of Huobi CLUB city resource connection: priority to Huobi CLUB city node resources.
⑤ Special spot for Huobi university admission interview: priority in taking the interview for admission to Huobi University, which allows you to get to know elites in the industry.
⑥ Access to Huobi LABS high-quality incubation resource: mobilizing resources in the primary and secondary markets to give a full play of the synergy of brands.

3. Appreciation- oriented:
① Festival gift: Huobi will prepare elaborate gifts for VIP guests on traditional l Chinese festivals as well as western festivals.
② Birthday surprise: Huobi will always be by your side every year on the special day. Huobi VIPs will receive warm birthday gifts prepared by Huobi in the months of their birthdays.
③ Priority to Huobi China Tour meet-ups: priority to participate in Huobi city node activities, face-to-face communication with Huobi VIP managers and urban elites, and mysterious guests such as KOL.
④ Huobi family dinner: VIPs will be invited to Huobi family dinner, where they can have face-to-face communication on the prospect of the industry with seniors leaders.
⑤ Mysterious privileges: exclusive to Black Diamond VIP guests. Please stay tuned.

4. Other items of upgraded VIP privilege program:
* Since August 1, we will update the VIP tiers from quarterly to monthly, that is, the VIP list will be changed on the 1st of each month (the original diamond and gold VIP user list will not be changed until August 31).
* Statistics period: The data will be gathered on 25th of each month. We will match your VIP tiers with your tiered fee level of the present day.
* The VIP tiers list will be sent on a monthly basis via SMS or email by [email protected]. If you don't receive SMS or email, then you are not included in the VIP tierslist.
Notifications will be sent on 2 natural days prior to the start of the quarter.

*About changes of level: 
1. VIP users from last month will be automatically changed to their corresponding level at the beginning of the next month.
2. The new VIP will be updated at the begenning of the second month. Degraded VIP levels will take effect immediately.
3. The tiered fee professional users will be updated on a daily basic. Please stay informed!

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to email to [email protected] for more details.
Thanks for your support for Huobi Global!

Huobi Global
August 1, 2019