“Huobi Prime” Fourth Project: Akropolis Introduction

【Project Introduction】
Half of all the assets in the world are owned by pension funds. The global pensions deficit currently standing at 3x global GDP or $47 trillion. Akropolis set out with the objective to build a protocol that enables creation of a distributed financial network comprising member-owned financial organisations designed to step in to provide the trifecta of basic financial services (savings, investments, social insurance) through a distributed network without reliance on governments, banks or other legacy financial institutions. Result: resilience to global contagion risks in the event of a financial crisis.

Akropolis is committed to platform agnosticism and domain-specific chains, cementing partnerships with several players across different chains, such as Polkadot and ChainX, MakerDAO, and POA.
A significant part of the team effort is directed towards interoperability research and development, and supporting ecosystems - eg. running validator nodes in Polkadot, building the Akropolis Parachain, and ChainX validator nodes.

More info about Akropolis here.

Akropolis Token Token Info & Distribution
Total Supply: 4,000,000,000 AKRO
The initial circulating supply of AKRO will be 11.5%,including:
Prime Allocation: 320,000,000 (8% of Total Token Supply);
Prime Release Period: No lock-up/Vesting;
Foundation:140,000,000 (3.5% of Total Token Supply);

Full token metrics:
Huobi Prime Offering: 8%
Team and Advisors: 9.5%
Pre-sale: 22.5%
Marketing & Community: 14%
Foundation: 46%


Release Schedule
Team and Advisors: 9.5%
All team and advisors tokens are locked for 1 year with 2 years monthly vesting afterwards.

Pre-sale: 22.5%
All pre-sale tokens have 2 month lock-up after Huobi Prime, vesting monthly over 12 months thereafter.

Marketing & Community: 14%
Marketing & Community tokens are locked for 1 month after Huobi Prime with following release schedule: 2%, 1.5%, 1%, 2.5%, 4% and 3% of total token supply are unlocked each month respectively.

Foundation: 46%
3.5% of the total token supply are unlocked. These tokens may be used for marketing support and partnerships to help us achieve the long-term success of Akropolis, taking into account the benefit of the core project and the community.

2% of the total token supply have the following release schedule — 0.5%, 0.5% and 1% of the total token supply will be unlocked on 90, 120 and 150 day after listing respectively.

40.5% of the total token supply have a 1-year lockup after Huobi Prime Offering, vesting monthly over 24 months thereafter.

【Related Links】
Website: https://akropolis.io/
Whitepaper: https://wiki.akropolis.io/whitepaper/
Block explorer:  https://etherscan.io/address/0x8ab7404063ec4dbcfd4598215992dc3f8ec853d7