“Huobi Fasttrack”: Crypto Neo-value Neural System Introduction

【Crypto Neo-value Neural System Brief Intro】
CNNS, also known as Crypto Neo-value Neural Sys, is a global approached value exchange network for crypto assets and the first international approached blockchain information service project, specifically designated for the establishment of the most influential value exchange network on an international scale.

【Token Distribution】
CNNS has established an all-weather strategic partnership with Bishijie - world-class blockchain information platform and CoinNess - South Korea's No.1 blockchain information service company. The latter two have jointly nurtured a booming user base, which has become the largest information service ecosystem focusing on crypto assets in Asia and the ecosystem itself has been developing rapidly in North American and European markets.

CNNS, Bishijie and CoinNess have shared a long-term optimist perspective of the crypto asset industry and are joining hands to empower users to make "Crypto Earnings Clear And Simple," by providing consultant, trading, custodial services for investors. The newly developed 'strategy platform' has acquired 30,000 paid users. In the meantime, CNNS has developed tipping payment and token exchange functions to support the usings of services. CNNS will continue serving as a hub point, by empowering its booming users with "clear and simple" investment strategies and accommodating assistance and consultancy in tradings and custodial services. A solid community consensus has been built upon 3 million base users and 180,000 daily active users that CNNS services have covered in 150 countries.

The widening of ecological cooperation with international public chains that CNNS is exerting all its efforts should provide straight paths and bolster the value exchanges among on-chain crypto assets on a global scale.


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Website: https://cnns.io/
Whitepaper: https://cnns.io/static/whitepaper/CNNS-White_Paper.pdf?v=201900423
Telegram: https://t.me/coinnessofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CNNSIO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/295100884496268/