Soliciting Feedback for Proposed Tier Fee Restructure (version 2)

Dear Users,

Post feedback received on our Proposed New Tiered Fee Structure, Huobi Global has amended the proposed Tiered Fee Structure as follows:

General Tiered Fee Structure

TypeLevel30 day trading volume (BTC)Base fee rateHT holdingsFee Rate (in HT)Effective Discount
Normal users1< 1000 BTC0.20%≥10HT0.1800%10%

* Normal users will continue to enjoy referral income, subject to a cumulative rebate cap of 5000 *points per invitee ( with exception of Huobi Global Elites where there will be no cap applied); Applicable conversion rates are as such: 1 Point (Point Card):1USDT, and HT conversion is based on prevailing market price.
Professional Trader Tiered Fee Program



30 day trading volume (BTC)

HT holdingsBase fee rate

HT Fee Rate (25% disc)

100,000 HT Holder HT Fee Rate (35% disc)

Both Conditions RequiredMakerTakerMakerTakerMakerTaker
Professional Users1≥ 1000 BTC≥5000HT0.0750%0.0900%0.0563%0.0675%0.0488%0.0585%
2≥ 1500 BTC≥10000HT0.0700%0.0850%0.0525%0.0638%0.0455%0.0553%
3≥ 5000 BTC≥15000HT0.0650%0.0800%0.0488%0.0600%0.0423%0.0520%
4≥ 10000 BTC≥20000HT0.0600%0.0750%0.0450%0.0563%0.0390%0.0488%
5≥ 15000 BTC≥25000HT0.0550%0.0700%0.0413%0.0525%0.0358%0.0455%
6≥ 20000 BTC≥30000HT0.0450%0.0600%0.0338%0.0450%0.0293%0.0390%
7≥ 40000 BTC≥35000HT0.0350%0.0500%0.0263%0.0375%0.0228%0.0325%
8≥ 80000 BTC≥40000HT0.0250%0.0400%0.0188%0.0300%0.0163%0.0260%
9≥150000 BTC≥50000HT0.0150%0.0300%0.0113%0.0225%0.0098%0.0195%

*Users who subscribe to the Professional Trader tiered fee program are not entitled to referral rebate commission.

HT holding and trading volume:
At 0:00 A.M. (GMT+8) every day, the system calculates users’ trading volume for the past 30 days (converted into BTC). Users’ HT holdings are based on random snapshots taken the day before. Users’ tier level and transaction fee rates are automatically updated at 4:00 A.M. (GMT+8) every day, and transaction volume in BTC is converted according to the closing price of BTC trading pairs at 0:00 A.M. (GMT+8).

Rules for proposed Tiered Fee Structure program:
1. The above-mentioned proposed tiered fee structure relates only to crypto-crypto trading (including margin trading), and is applicable only to trading fee payment, and does not apply to withdrawal fee and HB10 in/out exchange transaction costs. Separate policies are being formulated for other products, such as margin interest, OTC,contract trading, and will be announced when ready.
2. After the launch of our tiered transaction fee program, Point Cards can still be used, however, Point Card and the new tiered transaction fee program are mutually exclusive and cannot be applied at the same time;
3. If there is Point Card balance remaining in the account, Point Card mode will be set as default, and users need to manually switch to tiered transaction fee mode in their account settings. Otherwise, tiered transaction fee mode is set by default;
4. Point Cards can continued to be deducted to pay interest incurred from Margin Trading.

If you have any suggestions or ideas about our tiered transaction fee program, kindly email us at [email protected], or provide feedback via our Huobi Global Elites within this period. We will collate all feedback and make the necessary rule changes.

Huobi Global invites you to experience our tiered transaction fee program and hope this upgrade can bring you a better trading experience!

About terms:
Maker: Maker refers to orders initiated to create an order book, pending matching fills;
Taker: Taker refers to order that have a matching order price in the order book and can be immediately filled.

Huobi Global
June 19, 2019