Stake On Huobi Wallet Get A LTC Airdrop

Dear Users:

Huobi Wallet provides amazing staking service, it offers a super stable and safe return to our delegators. Currently, ATOM, ONT and IOST are three tokens you can choose to stake. We’ll provide more in the near future. We host this event to celebrate the LTC block reward halving: stake with Huobi Wallet node to share 66 LTC.

The event starts from July 22, 2019 00:00, and ends on July 26, 2019 18:00 (GMT+8).

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Store ATOM/ONT/IOST tokens into Huobi wallet and stake them to Huobi wallet node, to share 66 LTC based on the size of your staking asset. The snapshot of staking asset will be taken on July 26th, 2019(GMT+8). The more you stake, the more reward you will get.

Since Huobi Wallet is a decentralized wallet,users that participate in this event need to add Wechat-Huobievent(comments “the event of LTC”) and send the LTC address of Huobi Wallet as well as the kind of token you have staked and the address of them to receive the rewards of LTC.

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Huobiwallet official WeChat group: huobievent

Reward distribution:




 Special Notice:

1. A phone set is considered a user and will be airdropped once.

2. For every ATOM/ONT/IOST address, the ultimate amount of LTC rewards for a single phone set will be equivalent to $145(1000RMB).

3. If you stake ATOM/ONT/IOST before our event period but redeem and stake them again during our event period, you won’t have the right to participate in this event.

4. Reward will be airdropped before August 12th.

5. Users that haven’t add WeChat(huobievent) to submit the requisition before Aug 5th will be regarded as automatically announce the rewards.

6. Huobi Wallet reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion or promotion rules at our sole discretion.


Huobi Global

21st July,2019