Delegate ATOM with Huobi Wallet only 1% commission plus 1500 ATOM give away

Dear users,

Huobi Wallet has added ATOM and become a validator on Cosmos Hub. Install the latest version of Huobi Wallet app now and store your ATOM, or delegate your ATOM with Huobi Wallet, we only charge 1% of commission.

To celebrate this special occasion, Huobi Wallet is giving away 1500 ATOMs to delegators, The more ATOM you delegate with Huobi Wallet, the more ATOM you get. If you already delegated with other validators, you will be able to re-delegate your bounded ATOMs to Huobi Wallet Validator without any cost.

1. If you have not delegated, Download Huobi Wallet, store your ATOMs and delegate with Huobi Wallet Validator.
2. If you already delegated with other validators. Re-delegate your bounded ATOMs to Huobi Wallet. Re-delegation is done without any cost.

Before 5th July, three rounds of random snapshots will be taken to capture the amount of delegated ATOM with Huobi Wallet validator. The average amount of staked ATOM captured by three random snapshots will be counted as your delegation amount to split 1500 ATOMs.
(Alice delegated her ATOM three times before 5th July, and snapshots captured 100, 200 and 300 ATOMs delegated with Huobi Wallet. Alice’s total delegation for this promotion will be 200.(100+200+300)/3=200 )
Your reward = (your average staked tokens / total staked tokens) x 1500 ATOMs

Download Huobi Wallet:

Special Note
1. The maximum of ATOM rewards for an ATOM address will be equivalent to $150.
2. Rewards will be automatically distributed to your wallet address before 20th July.
3. Huobi Wallet reserves the right to cancel or amend the rules at our sole discretion.

Huobi Wallet Team
June 3, 2019