HPT Launched on Huobi Main (Transfer). Share 45,000,000 HPT at Bargain Prices!

Dear users,

To celebrate the migration of HPT from Huobi Next to Huobi Main, and reward HT holders, Huobi Global specially launches the "Discounted HPT Release. Share 45,000,000 HPT!" campaign. The relevant campaign information is as follows:

Huobi Pool will release 45,000,000 HPT to the secondary market at 10:00:00 on June 3, (GMT+8), at the fixed price of 1 HPT=0.001676 HT in the HPT/HT pair. That is, HPT will be sold at the discounted price of 50% off the closing price at 11:00:00 on May 31 (GMT+8), before the suspension of trading, to HT users. Users can place HT limit buy orders 5 minutes after the start of the campaign (10:00:00 to 10:05:00). The system will match all purchase orders according to the rules, and the unsold orders will be returned.

1. Matching Mechanism 
The campaign duration is 10 minutes. The first 5 minute is for placing orders and the last 5 minutes is for order matching. Users can place limit orders, subject to their trading quota mentioned below. After the order placement time ends, the system will process and match orders with the same limit price.  Three (3) lucky users will be able to exchange all their orders for the project token, remaining users will be allocated fills on the remaining token quantity.

(1) All orders with the same limit price will be partially filled.
(2) The expected filled amount of each order is proportional to the total amount of the order.
(3) The order allocation formula is as follows::


(4) Selection Criteria for Lucky User:
All users will be assigned a ticket number when they place an order. In this campaign, the system will set 888 as the lucky number. In all valid orders, the first three (3) users (in ticket sequential order) whose ticket number ends in 888 (i.e. suffix of 888) will be selected as the lucky users.

For example: XXXX2888, XXXX3888, XXXX4888 for lucky users.

When an order is withdrawn or invalid,the system will skip to the next order and persists till the last valid order.

If the system cannot find all 3 lucky users until the last valid order, then the lucky number +1 (such as 888+1, that is, 889) becomes the new lucky number. Repeat the above process until all 3 lucky users are selected.

2. Trading Quota
All users can participate with no threshold. The minimum order amount is the token value of 1,000 HT and the maximum order amount is 5,000 HT.

3. After the campaign, HPT will officially re-open trading in HT, USDT and BTC zones at 11:00:00 (GMT+8) on June 3. Opening price equals to the closing price at 11:00:00 on May 31 (GMT+8), before the suspension of trading

Introduction to HPT:
Token name: Huobi Pool Token (HPT)
Total tokens: 10,000,000,000 HPT
Total amount of this release: 45,000,000 HPT (accounting for 0.45% of the total tokens issued)
Current circulation: 4,015,120,000 HPT(By the end of June 1. 2019)

Related announcement:

1. Trading Protection: To control market price fluctuations, the platform will restrict the use of market orders during the 1st 5 minutes after the opening of free trading. During this period, we will restrict the use of market orders within 5 mins after official trading opens and users are unable to place orders at prices 2.5 times higher than the closing price before suspension.
2. The HPT campaign does not support API orders.
3. The HPT campaign does not charge any fees.
4. The HPT campaign does not increase the circulating supply of HPT.
5. The HPT campaign aims to reward the HT holders and is not related to the “repurchase and burning policy” released by Huobi Pool on April 11 2019.
6. Digital assets are innovative investment products, and prices fluctuate greatly. Please judge your ability rationally and make decisions cautiously.
7. If there is cheating, Huobi Global will cancel his or her trading quota.

The rules and regulations of this campaign shall be subject to Huobi Global’s final interpretative decision.

Huobi Global
June 2, 2019