New API endpoint: “GET /v1/order/history”

Dear  users,

In order to provide better service for API users to query historical orders, Huobi Global launched a new REST endpoint – “GET /v1/order/history” . The new endpoint supports users to query historical order created in recent 48 hours.

With the launching of this new endpoint, the existing REST endpoint “v1/order/orders” will be kept in service. However, the new endpoint “/v1/order/history” will have better service level than the “/v1/order/orders”, especially when the service loading exceeds the threshold of our system, which means in some extremely cases, “v1/order/orders” would become unavailable, but “/v1/order/history” would be kept alive. Meanwhile, Huobi is planning to have a delegated data service to support users’ demands on long-term history data. Once this new service become available, the “v1/order/orders” will be deprecated. We will keep you informed promptly once the timeline determined.


Huobi Global

May 7,2019