Store IOST in Huobi Wallet to Share 8 Million IOST

Dear users,
Huobi Wallet supports IOST mainnet now, and also has successfully elected as an IOST partner.
To celebrate this big milestone, Huoibi Wallet team presents a big reward package- up to 8,000,000 IOST in total.

1. 500,000 IOST Accounts Giveaway, Time Limited
Download/update Huobi Wallet to claim your free IOST account.
* Make sure to backup your private keys or recovery phrase *

2. Store IOST to Share a Pool of 700,000 IOST
A snapshot will be taken on 28th March 00:00 (GMT+8), reward will be distributed based on each user's amount of IOST in Huobi Wallet as a proportion of total IOST.
* With Huobi Wallet, You are in full control of your digital asset *

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Special Notes:
1. Airdrop will be distributed once for each mobile phone with a cap of 50,000 IOST.
2. Reward will be airdropped within 5 working days after promotion ends.
3. Huobi Wallet reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion or Promotion Rules at our sole discretion.


Huobi Wallet
March 25,2019