Huobi DM Keeps Good Work of ZERO CLAWBACKS Preparing 2 Million USD as Pledge Insurance

Zero Clawbacks Pledge

Huobi DM has been keeping the good work of zero clawbacks since it launched on December 10th, 2018. To guarantee each user’s interests, Huobi DM has issued a “Zero Clawbacks Pledge”.

Based on the sophisticated and scientific risk management, we are confident to refresh the market records and plan to add another 2 million USD insurance to the pledge, with already existed 400 thousand USD. Therefore, from today to June 28th, Huobi DM will inject 100 thousand USD the pledge insurance every week, in total 2 million USD. If there were clawbacks occur during this period, the pledge insurance will be used to meet users’ losses.

Huobi DM is dedicated to providing a secure, professional and efficient digital asset derivatives service to users. Thank you for the support and trust!

Huobi DM Risk Management Team
March 15, 2019