Suspension of Deposits & Withdrawals of Theta Network (THETA) Due to Mainnet Upgrade

Dear users,

Huobi would like to confirm support for the Theta Network (THETA) mainnet swap. Deposits and withdrawals of THETA will be suspended from 2019/03/8 22:00 PM (GMT+8), at which point we will begin the mainnet swap process.

Resumption will be made as soon as the upgrade is completed and the resumption time will be notified via announcement. Sorry for the inconvenience that caused during the suspension!

Huobi will support the distribution of Theta Fuel (TFUEL) to all THETA holders. We will take snapshots of all THETA balances when the block height reaches 7,356,258 on the Ethereum blockchain (estimated to occur at 2019/03/13 03:00(GMT+8) and distribute TFUEL to eligible users after the mainnet swap is completed, at a ratio of 1 THETA = 5 TFUEL.

Note: When the snapshot is generated, if the THETA is not credited or in middle of the withdrawal, it will not be snapshotted. Please be sure to deposit and withdraw in advance.

Huobi Global
March 8, 2019