Huobi CNY Airgrabs and Lucky Draws for Everyone!

Dear users,

To usher in the Chinese New Year, Huobi has prepared 4 big events during the festive season.

The total prize pool is 100 million HCT. Everybody can get a prize! Huobi global users can airgrab red packets just by logging into Huobi Chat!

On 01 February, Leon Li will distribute 20 million HCT in “火信官方群” (Official Huobi Chat Group) as a Super Airdrop as part of this festive season. Invite all your friends to enjoy this offer!!!

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Activity Period: 28 January to 25 February 2019

Activity Rules:

  • First Activity: Light The Koi (28 Jan to 25 Feb)

During the activity period, for every 3 friends you invite to download, register and login to Huobi Chat using your Huobi Global account, you get to light up one Koi symbol (Kois are a representation of luck in China Culture). This is limited to 7 Kois. Every Koi entitles users the right to the lucky draw, where you stand a chance to share a prize pool of 60 million HCT. The overall winner of this activity stands to win 2.25 million HCT. 

  • Second Activity: Top Players Gathering (04 Feb (Chinese New Year Eve) to 05 Feb)

During the activity period, invite 9 friends to download, register and login to Huobi Chat using their Huobi Global account. Light up 3 Koi symbols and you will be eligible to join the “VIP Red Packet Group”. Thereafter, on Chinese New Year Eve (04 Feb), hundreds of top industry players   including Huobi Senior Management will be present to distribute red packets (for airgrabs). This group is limited to 100,000 users, on a first come first serve basis.


Huobi Global users can also join “火币Global官方中文群” (Official Chinese Huobi Global Group”, and on 04 Feb, Huobi’s senior management will also be around to distribute airdrops in celebration of the Chinese New Year. 

  • Third Activity: Red Packet Storm (05 Feb to 07 Feb)

Various project teams will be in their respective social groups to distribute red packets. Login to Huobi Chat, enter the respective project groups password and be on standby for airgrab by your favourite projects! Stay tuned on 30 Jan, where the official Huobi Chat subscription account will announce the “Airgrab Schedule”. 

  •  Fourth Activity: HT 7 Day (08 Feb to 14 Feb)

As per the last 4 digits of the hash value of the 1st BTC block after 12:00 (GMT +8) on the day of the prize giveaway, all registered users within the last 24 hours will be eligible. Users on Huobi chat who have their Huobi Chat account ID matching the 4 numbers will win 2888HT! in the event where there are multiple winners, the prize will be shared equally. If there are no winners, the prize will rollover to the next day’s prize pool. This will occur at 20:00 (GMT +8) every night during the event period.

For more details, follow Huobi Chat’s announcement page and Huobi Chat Subscription account. Download Huobi Chat right now,


Thank you for your support to Huobi Global!


Huobi Global

28 Jan 2019