Announcement on Supporting BTT Reward to TRON (TRX) holders

Dear users,
According to BitTorrent (BTT) official announcement, BitTorrent Foundation will distribute BitTorrent (BTT) to TRON (TRX) holders.
Huobi Global will support the upcoming BitTorrent (BTT) reward. The snapshot of TRX balances of Huobi Global accounts will occur at block height 6,600,000 on the TRON blockchain, which is estimated to occur on Feburary 11, 2019 (GMT+8).

The issuance rules are as follows:

1) Exchange Accounts: BTT will be issued after taking a snapshot of the number of TRXs held by the account.
2) HB10 holders: BTT will be issued to HB10 holders according to their proportion of TRX of HB10 shares.
3) Margin Accounts: BTT will be issued according to the number of snapshotted TRX. If the margin user has loaned TRX that has not been repaid, the unpaid amount is deducted from the total TRX amount of the users when the snapshot is taken (e.g., A user has loaned 1,000 TRX and hasn’t repaid it. When the snapshot is taken, the user has X TRX in his/her account. Then the number of snapshotted TRX holdings is X - 1,000).
4) Huobi Wallet and Huobi Mining Pool will also support the BTT reward, as long as TRX balances are stored in Huobi Wallet, the corresponding BTT reward will be automatically obtained.

To ensure that you can receive BTT reward in time, please deposit TRX to Huobi Global or Huobi Wallet in advance.

Official Announcement of BTT Reward:

Huobi Global
January 21, 2019