HBDM FAQ Now in multiple languages

Dear Users,

Since the launch of Huobi Derivative Market, we have received overwhelming response.

If you have yet to sign-up for an account, you can do so via this link (https://www.hbdm.com/en-us)

Key Benefits:
- Competitive Fees
- Flexible Leverage: Offers 1x,5x,10x,20x leverage
- Latency: High memory and 10x matching speed compared to market average speed
- Investor Protection: 20,000 BTC Security Fund with Huobi Global against catastrophic security failures
- Risk Management: Price Limit, Order Limit, Positions Limit


To better serve and reach out to our global users, we have prepared in-depth details in our HBDM FAQ section across multiple languages, to help users gain a better understanding of contracts.

Links to HBDM FAQ

English - http://bit.ly/2Q45jfG

Vietnam - http://bit.ly/2SpckKc

Russia - http://bit.ly/2QR7c4Q

Turkey - http://bit.ly/2rSZUP6

Traditional Chinese - http://bit.ly/2rX9fpa


Disclaimer: Digital assets are innovative investment products, and prices fluctuate greatly. Please rationally judge your investment ability and make investment decisions prudently. Please note that users must clear the requisite KYC checks and assessments prior to commencing usage of Huobi DM.