What is a VIP? How do I become a VIP?

Users can choose to pay a monthly fee using Huobi Tokens to ensure an additional discount on their trading fees. There are 5 VIP categories that range from 10% - 50% off.


As an example, VIP3 will entitle you to 30% off your trading fees. Users will need to pay 1200 HT per month.



There is also a bulk purchase discount. For example. a one-time purchase for 12 months of VIP3 will only be charged at 10,000HT instead of 14,400HT.



VIP discount and Point Cards can be used at the same time. The VIP discount is applied to fees before deduction from Point Cards.


For example, if your trading fee is 10 USDT,

Ordinary user: fee = 10 USDT

VIP 3 (30% discount) user: fee = 10 USDT * (100%-30%)

If you (VIP 3 user) have a Point Card, your Point Card will automatically pay 7 points fee.



To become a VIP, follow the below steps:-

1)      Log on to your Huobi account

2)      Click on the mceclip0.png icon, and click on “VIP enjoys discount of fee”



3)      Once you have read through and agree with the VIP Member Services Agreement, check the box to indicate that you have read and agreed to the agreement above.

Click on “Confirm”



4)      Click on “Become A VIP” under the VIP tier in which you wish to purchase.


5)      Next choose the period in which you would like to purchase (Ranging from 1 month to 12 months). Slide the “Verification” bar and click on “Confirm”.



6)      The corresponding HT will be deducted from your account, and you will enjoy your VIP benefits immediately.