Announcement: Major Vote On Huobi Token Buybacks

Dear users:

Potentially big changes are in store for Huobi Token (HT) and our Huobi Token buyback program. Huobi will host a public vote from 15:00, Monday, December 3 to 15:00 Thursday, December 6 (Singapore Time) on whether HT bought back to by the company will continue to be airdropped to HT holders or whether bought back tokens will be burned instead.

The decision to hold a public vote was prompted by requests for changes by members of the HT community and is intended to help ensure that the community as a whole has a say in HT’s future.

The vote will be open to all HT holders.


Existing Repurchase Program:

Currently, Huobi repurchases HT with 20% of its quarterly revenue and airdrops them to existing HT holders.

Alternate Program:

Some members of the HT community supporting the program so that the repurchased HT are burned instead of redistributed in order to decrease the supply of current HT in circulation.


Vote Overview:

HT holders will vote on how they would like the HT repurchase program to move forward by voting for airdropping or burning HT tokens. Whichever course of action earns more than 50% of the vote will be adopted.

The vote is open to all HT holders. The future of HT is up to you, please vote and let your voice be heard in our community!


Participation rules:

Snapshot of HT held: 23:59:59 on December 2 (Singapore time)

Voting Period: December 3, 2018 15:00 to December 6, 15:00 (Singapore time)

Who: Users with more than 1 HT in their account can vote.


Voting Rules:

-Each HT you own entitles you to one vote

-Each user can only cast their votes once

-Results will be announced within five working days following the voting

-Percentage of votes will be calculated relative to the total number of votes

-Trading of HT and cryptocurrency assets will not be affected


Huobi Global

November 26, 2018