Announcement on the CDC User Rights Protection Program

According to the investigation of Huobi, the CDC project team was found to have violated the rules of Huobi Global including that the total locked amount of tokens of the project team was inconsistent with what was promised in the white paper. In order to protect the rights and interests of Huobi users, Huobi Global has already suspended all trading and deposit services of CDC at 17:30 on November 5 (GMT+8).

According to the security deposit regulations of the original HADAX Voting Phase II and in order to effectively protect the rights and interests of users, Huobi Global will issue the remainder of the HT deposit paid when the CDC is listed to the CDC holders.

Eligible users:
All users holding CDC at Huobi Global at 17:30 (GMT+8) on November 5.

Rules of issuance:
1. According to the amount of CDC held by users at 17:30 (GMT+8) on November 5, 2018, the locked HT deposit of the project team is issued according to the proportion of holding amount.
2. The number of HT obtained by users = the amount of the remaining deposit of the project team * (CDC amount of users’ holdings when CDC trading is suspended / total amount of CDC * 100%).

Time of issuance:
As the release involves a large number of data statistics and validation, it is expected that we will complete the full release by November 30 (GMT+8), 2018. When the release arrives in users’ accounts, we will inform the CDC holders via SMS.

Huobi will, as always, uphold the principle of "users first," earnestly fulfill the obligations of the platform, and effectively protect the rights and interests of users.

Huobi Global
November 26, 2018