Announcement on the BCH Hardfork Solution

Dear users,

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will have a hard fork at 1542300000 Unix time (00:40 Singapore time on November 16, 2018), and Huobi Global will do the following response to the hard fork results.
1. To meet the deposit & withdrawal needs of our users, we have postponed the suspension of withdrawal & deposit. The BCH withdrawal & deposit will be suspended at 21:00, (GMT+8) on November 15.
2. At 00:40 (GMT+8) on November 16, we will take snapshots of the users who hold BCH at Huobi Global. The snapshot accounts include Exchange Accounts, Margin Accounts. Meantime, wallet accounts support the fork.
3. We believe that the success of a hard fork requires the following two conditions:
1) Have strict two-way replay protection.
2) Operate independently and stably and produce blocks steadily.
4. We will evaluate whether the two chains - Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC are chain-split successfully using the above conditions. Once the fork is successful, Huobi Global will distribute rewards to users at the ratio of 1:1 based on the snapshot data, according to the following rules:
1) Exchange Accounts: Candies will be issued after the number of snapshotted BCH holdings.
2) HB10 holders: Candies will be issued to HB10 holders according to their proportion of BCH of HB10 shares.
3) Margin Accounts: Candies will be issued according to the number of snapshotted BCH. If the margin user has loaned BCH that has not been repaid, the unpaid amount is deducted from the total BCH amount of the users when the snapshot is taken (e.g., A user has loaned 1,000 BCH and hasn’t repaid it. When the snapshot is taken, the user has X BCH in his/her account. Then the number of snapshotted BCH holdings is X - 1,000).
In the above accounts, the BCH less than 0.001 will not be included in the snapshot data, and frozen amount in the unexecuted orders will be included in the snapshot data.
5. If the hard fork fails, the deposit & withdrawal will be recovered after the main net becomes stable.

As always, Huobi Global will protect your assets and help you handle the fork situations. Thank you for your all-time support!

November 14, 2018
Huobi Global