Announcement on the Launch of the 3.0 Version of Huobi Global Web

Dear users,

With the drive for perfection, Huobi team keeps upgrading our products iteratively. And on October 20 night (GMT+8), the 3.0 version of Huobi Global web is launched: the optimization of the homepage and navigation bar brings you a brand new interaction experience, and the new Market center shows you market information intensively and intuitively.

Here are the changes of this upgrade:

【The Homepage】


  1. HB10 Index and the trading pairs of the main valuation cryptocurrencies module is newly added, the prices of the main cryptocurrencies are clear at a glance;
  2. The way to download mobile cilents is optimized, you can scan the QR code on the homepage with your phone;
  3. The new style Signing Up entrance takes you just one click to join Huobi family.

【The Navigation Bar】


  1. The newly added Huobi Eco Business entrance, makes it convenient for you to take a look at all the Exchange products and the Huobi Group Eco Service System;
  2. “My HB10”and “My Point Card” are moved to “Balances” from the original user center, which is a better classification scheme;
  3. A more intuitionistic user center design helps you manage your accounts easily;
  4. The newly added announcement entrance helps you track the latest Huobi news faster and more easily;

【The Market】__.jpg

  • You can check out the exchange market here at the new Market;
  • There are the Favorite page, the All page, the Main page, the Next page, the Top Performances page, the Newest Listed page, and the HB10 Index page here, and “24H VOL” is newly added, the informative page design makes you check the latest market through multiple dimensions, and helps you make better trading decisions;
  • In the Favorite page, you may switch your page between the List Mode and the Card Mode: you can compare the coins fast by ranking in the List Mode, and the time-sharing plans helps you master the transformation of the bull and bear force in the Card Mode;
  • The newly added Basic Information and News of coin offers much information to help you make wiser trading decisions;
  • The newly added mark of Main, Next, ST reminder and leverage just takes you a glance to get important information fast.

Besides, to give you a more comfortable visual experience, the dark visual style was cut off in this upgrade, and we are optimizing it in the following upgrade, please stay tuned!


Thank you for your support!

Huobi Global
October 20, 2018