Result of Huobi Next Phase I Voting

Dear users, 

Voting of Phase I of Huobi Next concluded at 15:00 on October 16 (GMT+8). After background data processing, all voting data were confirmed to be valid. Project MXC has met and exceeded its voting target, with a total of 3258836 votes. 

We will prepare to list MXC coin from 17th October. Please pay attention to our announcement for specific arrangements.

In addition, HT refund is arranged as follow: 

1. The counting of votes will start upon the issuance of this announcement. The portion exceeding the pre-set voting limit of projects will be returned on the same day after voting is completed; 

Excess votes are automatically refunded to user accounts. Refund formula: Amount of refunded votes = vote limit of users pre-set vote limit / actual number of votes * votes of users. If there are decimals, numbers will be rounded to 8 decimal points.

Example: A project pre-sets a voting limit of 1 million HT and an incentive of 100 million tokens, the rate therefore is 1HT = 100 tokens. If users vote 100,000 HT, and the project actually receives 2 million HT as votes, then the number of votes refunded to users is 100,000 1 million / 2 million * 100,000 = 50,000 HT; 

2. If a project fails to receive the pre-set number of votes, the HT voted by users will be refunded on the same day when the voting ends. 

For the start time of Phase II, please pay attention to our announcement.

Your support for Huobi Next is greatly appreciated.

Huobi Next

October 16, 2018