Huobi Wallet——To Liberate Global Wealth and Secure Your Privacy

Huobi Wallet is a professional wallet which officially launched on September 14, 2018, and supports the storage, transfer and exchange of the mainstream coin like BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, etc. as well as all the ERC-20 coin.

Download this Huobi Wallet by copying the link of the official website below and pasting it into the address bar of your cellphone browser, more surprises are waiting for you!


Three highlights of Huobi Wallet:

  • Abundant kinds of coin which can be exchanged freely:

        Exchanging coin over the chains is supported, value will be transferred better and faster.

  •  Professional and safe:

        Supported with security isolation, data encryption and other technologies that are patented.

        Private keys are easily recorded by yourself to manage your assets.

  •  Simple and Delicate Design:

         The one-tap exchange function is convenient, and multiple addresses can be managed well.



About us:

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Wechat official account: HuobiWallet