Announcement on Top 5 Teams of the Second Round of Huobi Chain Leaders Election and on the Opening of the Third Round

Dear users,

After nearly a month of voting, the second round of Huobi Chain Leaders Election concluded at 12:00 on September 15 (GMT+8). Top 5 candidates (teams) of this round will enter final voting of the third round to compete for the Huobi Chain leader. The third round of voting began at 19:00 on September 15 (GMT+8) and will end at 16:00 on September 28 (GMT+8). We welcome all users’ continued participation in the voting and getting airdropped rewards.

Attached is the "Top 5 Teams of the Third Round of Huobi Chain Leaders Election (ranked by the result at the end of the second round)"

  1. Wei Liu’s Team, and the members include: Wei Liu, Director of Qihu 360 ​​Innovation Research; Anita Xie, Founder and CEO of Netta/Fractals; Lianjin Huang, Founder of NUChain; Sijin Wu, Founder of Fuzamei; and Gengfa Zhong, CEO of Chainup.
  2. Shuoji Zhou’s Team, and the members include: Shuoji Zhou, Co-founder of FBG; Haobo Ma, Founder of ælf; Xian Yu, Co-founder of SlowMist; and Mo Dong, Founder of Celer Network.
  3. Team A: Meng Cui, Founder of AChain; Wancai Li, Co-founder of Eos Gravity; Chen Li, CEO of Youbi Capital; Xuejiao Zhu, CEO of Kcash.
  4. Team G: Yu Liu, Founder of Genaro Network; Kun Xu, CEO of Crypto Future and Head of TLAB; Minqiang Huang, Core Developer of main chain of GXChain; Yiwei Xiao, Founder of Bit Direct.
  5. Extreme-smart Team: Meijun Zhao, Founder of Aurora Chain; Zhenshuo Gao, CIO of DAVINCI FOUNDATION.


Thank you for your support and we look forward to your continued participation. To vote, please visit:

Huobi Chain
September 17, 2018