HADAX 2.0 Will Be Upgraded to Huobi NEXT

Dear users,

Adhering to the concept of providing innovative digital assets with a development platform and opportunities to showcase projects, HADAX has constantly upgraded the voting mechanism of community voting ever since it was launched. With HADAX 2.0, Huobi has proved to a certain extent the feasibility to select quality projects through community voting. Therefore, Huobi Group has decided to upgrade HADAX to Huobi NEXT and combine it with Huobi Global from a long-term strategic perspective.

The merged Huobi NEXT will be displayed in a unified interface with Huobi Global, where trading of all coins on the HADAX will be moved to Huobi Global. Huobi Global will share the brand potential, the trading users and other resources of Huobi Global with Huobi NEXT. The voting and Project Center will also be merged to the main website together with Huobi NEXT.

The merger will be conducted on September 19. Please refer to the huobi global announcement for further details.

September 11, 2018