Withdrawal Service of IQ Will Be Closed on Huobi Global

Dear users,

Huobi Global distributed IQ  to EOS holders on July 13 (GMT+8) and started withdrawal service of IQ on July 23 (GMT+8).

At 11: 48: 26 on Aug 18 (GMT+8), the Everipedia (IQ) team updated the smart contract without any prior notification to the users or the Exchange. Under the new smart contract, users will have to pay a fee of 0.1% of the transfer amount when transferring IQ, and the fee will be paid directly to the Everipedia team. To safeguard the rights and interests of our users, Huobi Global has urgently suspended the withdrawal service of IQ.

As the Everipedia (IQ) team is considered to have violated the open and transparent contract spirit of blockchain and affected the rights and interests of the users; and after consultation with Everipedia (IQ) team, Huobi Global shall temporarily resume IQ withdrawals at 18:00 (GMT +8) on August 31. The window period for the IQ withdrawals will be open for 30 days and will be closed on September 30. Kindly arrange for your withdrawals accordingly.

Note: The trading fees for one IQ withdrawal is 100 IQ, the limit of one withdrawal amount is 100000 IQ, and there is no limit for the withdrawal amount and the number of times of withdrawal in a day.

Thank you for your support!

Huobi Global
August 24, 2018