Members of Huobi Chain Expert Advisory Committee

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Huobi Group has officially announced the members of the Huobi Chain Expert Advisory Committee. For now, 8 esteemed experts from blockchain & techni have already joined this panel , forming a strong think tank with expertise in academic, investment and industry background. The members of this Committee include (listed in alphabetical order in accordance to surname):


Steve Hoffman, “Silicon Valley Start-up Godfather”

Xiaolei Liu, Professor of Finance and Accounting & Director of Blockchain Lab at Guanghua School of Management in Peking University

Ooi Beng Chin, Fellow of Singapore National Academy of Science (SNAS) and Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at National University of Singapore (NUS)

Don Tapscott, CEO of Tapscott Group and “Father of the Digital Economy”

Jeffrey Wernick, early investor of Airbnb, Uber and Bitcoin

Lon Wong, Founder & CEO of ProximaX

Jihan Wu, Co-founder & Co-CEO of Bitmain

Randi Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO of Zuckberg Media, Former Senior Executive of Facebook


The Huobi Chain Advisory Committee will provide comprehensive professional advice and insights on the underlying technology, industry application, business model construction and other dimensions of the blockchain. They will also offer advice and support during the election of the Huobi Chain Leader Championship. 

With the help of the expert advisers’professional knowledge and foresight, as well as the accumulative years of experience of Huobi Group in the industry, we will forge ahead and build a new era of self-financing on a global scale together, so that the blockchain industry will become better and live up to the opportunities of the times. 

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Huobi Chain Business Department
August 16, 2018