Institutional Account Benefits Available on Huobi Global

Dear users,

To serve our institutional users better, Huobi Global will provide our institutional users with one-stop professional services. In the first phase, the recruitment will be limited to 100 institutional clients and 10 deposit-withdrawal dealers on a first come, first serve basis.

Our one-stop professional services for institutions include the following:

  1. Exclusive channels for institutions to ensure safe, compliant and rapid deposit & withdrawal of high-value assets;
  2. Trading with multiple positions and strategies capped at 1,000 sub-accounts;
  3. Customized withdraw and loan limit;
  4. Exclusive and personalized on-call customer support;
  5. Access to regular industry data analysis by Huobi Research and the report on investment strategy of secondary market by Huobi Quant Academy.
  6. Regular invites to dialogues with industry influencers on blockchain topics and digital currency development; and including access to exclusive networking with deposit-withdrawal dealers and seminars on media resource, etc;
  7. Opportunity for participation in various high-quality investment projects for qualified institutional clients. 

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August 9, 2018