Clarification on Coinbig Exchange Investment by Huobi Eco Fund

In order to protect our users and partners interests and legal rights, we would like to clarify and respond to enquiries on investments by Huobi Eco Fund in Coinbig Exchange:

  1. Whilst Huobi Eco Fund had come into contact with the Coinbig Exchange project in May, with strong investment interest in the New Zealand fiat business channel as an angel investor;formal agreements have yet to be signed as the counterparty had yet to complete its legal entity corporate registration process.
  2. CoinBig chose transaction-fee mining as its business-entry approach. This was a decision undertaken independently by the Coinbig team. As a prospective investor, Huobi doesn't have authority to interfere in this decision. 
  3. In consideration of decisions made by Huobi Group, prior investment intentions and current Coinbig business developments, Huobi Eco Fund continues to retain investment interest in Coinbig, and look forward to formalizing this arrangement via an agreement once the entity incorporation materializes.
  4. Nevertheless, we hope that the Coinbig team takes seriously, feedback given by a subset of users with respect to user experience on the exchange, and will support them in their efforts to address these concerns. We welcome Coinbig team as a Huobi Cloud partner and utilize Cloud’s mature one-stop solution to provide users with better trading experience. 
  5. We would like to take this opportunity to remind all users who monitor and support Huobi, that the current digital asset market is not mature enough and investments in digital assets are very risky. Huobi Eco Fund has invested in more than 40 ecological projects at present. Although Huobi has strict standards in project investment and will contribute to each investment project and bring resources to them, Huobi cannot guarantee the investment value of each investment object or ensure investment income coming from Huobi ecological projects. Huobi’s investment in a project can be used only as reference for your investment decision-making. Please do appropriate research before investing and invest prudently within your own risk tolerance. 

As always, Huobi provides support services within our capabilities for all potential partners.

Huobi Eco Fund
August 3, 2018