Huobi Cloud Plan for Partner Access and the Upgrade Plan

Dear Huobi partners,

Since the launch of Huobi Cloud, we have received a warm response from our partners from all over the world. From July 20 to July 28 (GMT+8), we have received 1,251 applications from around the world. As a large number of partners applying for Huobi Cloud, we have made the following adjustments to our future work:

1. Currently, the number of applications we received has already exceeded the quota of 1,000 for the first phase. From July 28 on, the new applicants will be arranged for the second phase.
2. Due to the large number of partners applying for Huobi Cloud, the review and the approval for application information of the first phase will be extended to August 10.
3. We have sent an email to the applicants specifying the qualification documents required for our cooperation. Please prepare relevant documents and email them to [email protected] We will review the documents and inform you of the results as soon as possible.
4. In order to ensure smooth launch of Huobi Cloud, we will provide access to Huobi Cloud for the first batch of 15 partners and we’ll gradually provide accesses for all the other partners who pass the review.

  1. We expect to launch an upgraded version of the Huobi Cloud system at the end of August to support independent coin listing and customizing platform tokens. The specific time will be notified separately. Please pay attention to our announcement.
  2. For the partners who have demands for independent listing and platform token mode, we will support the one-key upgrade from the current commission sharing mode to the independent listing mode. The specific process will be published via announcement. Please pay attention.

The cooperation mode:
1. Commission sharing mode: Partners only operate currencies listed on Huobi Global and HADAX and have no independent rights to list currencies.
2. Independent listing mode: In addition to operating coin listed on Huobi Global and HADAX, partners also have independent listing rights and can use the function of customizing platform tokens.

Heartfelt thanks to all partners for your trust and support!

Huobi Cloud
July 28, 2018