Announcement on Next Steps for Huobi Cloud

Dear users,
Up to now, we have received a total of over 740 applications from countries around the world. Due to the large number of applications from our partners, we are confirming the applications one by one with phone calls, and we expect to complete this task within a week. Our next steps are as follows:

1. Huobi Cloud Phase I will adopt a 5/5 Commissions Sharing Mechanism. There will be no cost and security deposit requirements for the first 1000 partners, and we’ll provide them with training free of charge.

2. Estimated schedule for the launch of Huobi Cloud Phase I:
1) July 21-July 31 (GMT+8): collect registration information, review, communicate about demands and sign cooperation agreements
2) July 25 -August 5 (GMT+8): acceptance of functional deployment
3) July 30- August 7 (GMT+8): operations training for partners
4) From August 8 (GMT+8), we will start launching and operation in batches. As there are many partners applying for cooperation, we will arrange for launching in batches.

3. About partners’ platform tokens:
1) From August 1 (GMT+8), we’ll formulate rules for customizing platform tokens according to the demands received from communication. The function of platform token will be launched after being tested, and profit division of the platform tokens will be determined through commercial discussions.
2) We will select partners with better operational resources and experience or with better performance in commissions sharing to support customizing of platform tokens from the first 1000 partners in phase I.

3) There will be 0 cost and free training for cooperation in platform token mechanism, but 500,000 HT should be pledged for such cooperation.
4) In addition to normal commissions sharing, Huobi Ecosystem Fund will invest in the cooperative platform tokens and the investment proceeds will be airdropped to HT holders. Well-performing platform tokens will be listed in the HADAX Ecological Zone.

Huobi Global
July 21, 2018