Notice of Huobi Group on Strengthening the Management of Goodwill and Setting up a Report Box

Dear users and partners,

In response to the recent rumors that Huobi employees are engaged in non-Huobi business, the following statement is made:

Huobi Group strictly prohibits employees from engaging in any non-working business activities in the name of Huobi and does not undertake any form of credit to guarantee for any personal business activities of Huobi employees (including former employees) in the name of Huobi. For any employees (including former employees) who engage in personal business activities in the name of Huobi and damage the Huobi brand and goodwill, Huobi reserves the rights to investigate the legal liability of the involved parties.


Huobi Group does not have any "fast channel" for coin listing. Before launching, all projects must be recommended by the nodes, strictly evaluated by Huobi Academy of Blockchain Application, and ultimately reviewed and approved by Mr. Li Lin, the Chairman of Huobi Group. Any request for payment at an excuse of "fast listing" or "operation for listing" falls into an act of fraud. Users are advised to be cautious to avoid being cheated.


Huobi Group has set up a reporting channel ([email protected]). Once confirmed, Huobi Group will reward 100-1000 HT to clue providers who find out any non-Huobi business practitioners claiming themselves as Huobi employees.

Huobi Group
July 19, 2018