Announcement on Preparations for the Establishment of Huobi Blockchain Plus Industry Alliance

To better serve the real economy, deepen the integration of blockchain and other industries, and fully leverage the advantages of blockchain technology and token economy in the actual operation of specific industries, Huobi Group has formally initiated the establishment of "Huobi Blockchain Plus Industry Alliance." With community-based operations, the Industry Alliance plans to promote Blockchain Plus in various industries around the world by bringing together experts in the theory and practice of global Blockchain Plus. As the initiator and strategic supporter, Huobi Group will share its ecological resources with the Industry Alliance and promote the industrial development effectively.

Huobi Blockchain Plus Industry Alliance will set up a preparatory committee, which will be responsible for setting up rules and arranging the overall work. As specific operational support for the alliance, Huobi Labs will provide full resources support of Huobi Group and Huobi Eco for the alliance, including but not limited to:  

1. Jointly building blockchain labs with partners free of charge, sharing the research capability, technical capability and Blockchain Plus practical experience accumulated by Huobi Group over the past five years, and assisting partners in carrying out researches on specific topics to apply blockchain technology in actual work.

2. Providing full-process incubation services for partners and mobilizing Huobi Eco’s resources in various industries to facilitate incubation of Blockchain Plus projects from incubator, investment bank, community, security, legal affairs, market and other dimensions.

  1. Coordinating with Huobi Global, HADAX, Huobi Korea, Huobi Australia and other global exchanges and Huobi ecological exchanges to set up Blockchain Plus new zones to support digital assets trading.


  1. Huobi Ecosystem Fund’s setting up a US $100 million Global Blockchain Industry Guidance Fund to be used as its parent fund and support the development of vertical industry blockchain + industry to support partners in setting up the vertical industry alliance and blockchain industry funds.

    The specific rules and arrangements will be decided by the Preparatory Committee. Huobi Labs, as the specific operation support party entrusted by Huobi Group, will be responsible for coordinating all the resources of the group to support the industrial alliance.

    Announcement of the members of the first term of the Preparatory Committee for Huobi Blockchain + Industrial Alliance (in alphabetical order):
    -Mingjun Huang, the member of the National Academy of Sciences of Singapore and the professor of the National University of Singapore.
    - Xiaolei Liu, the dean of Guanghua Department of Finance, Peking University.
    - Yan Meng, the chairman, and CEO of PDJ Education, as well as the VP of CSDN.
    - Feng Wang, the founder of Linekong Interactive Group and the initiator of Huoxing24.
    - Yuanzhong Xu, the initiator of the Global AI Blockchain 30 People Forum.
    - Jianing Yu, the director of Industrial Economics Research Institute, Information Center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.
    - Dao Yuan, the chairman of Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance.
    - Hubery Yuan, the president of Huobi Research and general manager of the Public Chain Department of Huobi.
    - Shuoji Zhou, the founder of FBG.

    In addition, we welcome more ambitious people from all over the world to join the Preparatory Committee to jointly explore the path of blockchain + development.
    The conditions for joining the Preparatory Committee are: being recommended by two current members and approved by more than half of the members.

    Registration link:
    Contact email: [email protected]       


Huobi Group & Huobi Labs

July 19, 2018