Huobi Token (HT) Q2 Buyback Information

Dear users,

As per Huobi Token (HT) buyback plan, Huobi Pro will spend 20% of its revenue on buybacks and the buyback in the second quarter has been completed (the conversion price of USDT is the closing price on June 30). We hereby disclose the information of this buyback as follows:

I. HT circulation information:
1. Total amount in the market: 306,609,100
Rewards of Point Card purchase: 300,013,500
Marketing promotion: 1,121,800
Employee incentive: 4,906,300

Ecosystem Fund investment: 567,500

2. Total locked amount: 99,086,000
OTC merchants: 5,245,000
Super Nodes/Super Knights: 26,100,000

Project teams (security deposit): 19,051,400

Ecosystem Fund investment: 567,500

Secondary market buyback: 10,017,300

Investor Protection Fund: 38,054,800
Others: 50,000

The locked amount of secondary market buyback (10,017,300 HT) will be included in the Investor Protection Fund (the assets will be transferred to the disclosed address within this week) which totals 48,072,100 HT up to now.

3. Current circulation amount: 207,523,100
Circulation = total amount in the market – total locked

II. Summary of HT application cases:
1. HADAX voting
2. Security deposits of HADAX project teams
3. Super Nodes
4. Super Knights
5. Security deposits of OTC merchants

  1. Trading fee discount for VIP
    7. Huobi Global Ecosystem Fund
  2. OTC legal support (newly added in this quarter)
  3. HT holder benefits (newly added in this quarter)
  4. Huobi Eco Partner Trading Zone (newly added in this quarter)
    * More HT application cases will be available soon, please stay tuned.

    III. Development plan of Huobi Token in the next stage

    1. Huobi Token will be upgraded from the token inside Huobi platform to the universal token in the Huobi ecosystem, which will greatly enrich the application scenarios of Huobi Token.

    2. Holders of Huobi Token enjoy not only the benefits of Huobi platform, but also the benefits of Huobi ecosystem. In the second quarter, HADAX announced the opening of the Huobi Token Ecological Zone and disclosed that sub tokens of the ecosystem based on Huobi Token will be issued. HT holders will receive proportionate sub token rewards.

    3. Considering that after two quarters of buybacks, the Investor Protection Fund has sufficient funds to protect investors from regular risks, from the 3rd quarter of 2018, the HT we bought back in the secondary market will no longer be transferred into the Investor Protection Fund, but transferred into Huobi Ecosystem Fund. Huobi Ecosystem Fund will expand the scope and amount of investment, and the projects invested by it will be listed in the Ecological Zone, and then will be distributed to HT holders.

    Over the past five years, Huobi has experienced ups and downs in the industry, and has been adhering to the "integrity, preciseness, openness, cooperation" values. Huobi has never forgotten the original commitment, and has been developing steadily. We have the full experience and confidence to grow up together with each ecological partner and promote the development of the industry.

    Huobi Global
    July 16, 2018