Announcement on Security Check for USDT "False Deposit" Vulnerability

Dear users,


In view of the USDT "false deposit" vulnerability discovered by SlowMist, a well-known security audit institution, Huobi Pro has contacted SlowMist promptly to get further information about the vulnerability and conducted a technical check, which turned out that Huobi Pro did not have this vulnerability. (#USDT Vulnerability Analysis by SlowMist# Exchanges have a logical flaw in verifying the success of USDT deposit and it is not checked whether the value of the“valid” field in blockchain transaction details is true, thus resulting in "false deposit". In such case, users can successfully deposit USDT to exchanges without losing any USDT, and these USDT can be traded normally. ) Users can rest assured and your asset security will not be impacted. We appreciate the timely reminder from our partner SlowMist, and Huobi Pro will make collaborated efforts with SlowMist to safeguard our users’ blockchain assets security.

Huobi will, as always, guarantee the security of your digital assets kept in Huobi Pro. Thank you for your understanding and support.



Huobi Pro

June 29, 2018