Instructions for Deposit in Small Amount

If a user’s deposit amount is less than the minimum deposit required, Huobi is not able to credit the user’s deposit mainly due to the features of blockchain transfer data structure. To solve this problem and to avoid loss of assets caused by the failure to credit users’ deposit in small amount, Huobi has adjusted and upgraded its deposit service.

This upgrade is for USDT.
After depositing in small amount, a user can check whether the deposit amount is below the required minimum if he/she discovers that the deposit is not credited within the given period. If the deposit amount is too small, the user can continue to deposit to the same address until the coin’s cumulative deposit amount reaches or exceeds the minimum amount required, and Huobi will credit the asset in a unified manner.


Note: The cumulative credit of small deposits is exclusive for ordinary deposits. The fast deposits with the amount lower than the minimum will not be credited.


The minimum USDT deposit amount is 100 USDT.
User A starts an ordinary deposit of 20 USDT to the platform address.
Due to the amount (20 USDT) < the minimum amount (100 USDT), the ordinary deposit is temporarily unable to be credited.
Until the user's cumulative ordinary deposit amount reaches or exceeds the minimum amount of 100 USDT, the deposit will be credited.