Huobi Group Launches the Huobi Chain Project

HONG KONG — 6 JUNE 2018 — Huobi Group, the leading blockchain asset solutions provider, announced today the launch of the Huobi Chain Project (HCP) and the Huobi Chain Superhero Championship Program (HCSCP). With this new initiative, the Company is moving toward building a next-generation self-regulating and decentralized financial platform.


The Huobi Chain Project will provide individuals and organizations with a reliable financial protocol for value exchange, fundraising, securitization and more. While both private and public chains are decentralized peer-to-peer networks, the network within public chains is entirely open, so anyone can join and participate.


“We firmly believe in a decentralized future, and the main goal of the Huobi Chain project is to transform a centralized corporation to a decentralized one that’s run by the community,” said Leon Li, founder, and CEO of Huobi Group. “Our dream is for Huobi to run on the public blockchain and become a truly decentralized autonomous organization.”


Huobi will kickstart the program by seeking out a global leader to lead the development of the Huobi Chain project. Divided into multiple milestones, teams from around the world can join and compete for the prize pool. New groups can enter the contest at any milestone based on the open sourced code from previous milestones.


“Upon completion, all of the code will be open-sourced, and we will also gradually migrate Huobi onto this new public blockchain,” Li explained. “Going forward, a percentage of Huobi’s yearly revenue will also be made available to fund the program.”


The Huobi Chain Superhero Championship will incentivize the community to participate in building the Huobi public chain from the ground up. Huobi devotes to make necessary virtual currency capital contributions which amounts to 30 million Huobi Token(HT) in helping the development of the said project.


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