Tracking index product HB10 has finished preparation on June 11, 2018 and shares will be distributed tomorrow

Dear Users,


The first tracking index product HB10 has finished preparation on June 11, 2018 and the date stated is the share conversion date. The initial net value of HB10 per share after conversion is consistent with 1/1,000 of the closing price of the HUOBI 10 Index as at 24:00 June 11, 2018. Users could find your converted shares through “My HB10 Account”.


According to the Proposal of HB10, procedure and formula for the conversion of HB10 shares are as follows: 
1. The conversion date of the share (T day, June 11, 2018) will be confirmed and announced in advance. 
2. At 24:00 on the T day, HB10 calculates the net balance value (X) of HB10 and the total amount (Y) of HB10 shares on that day. 
3. Assuming that the closing value of underlying index on T day is I, the target net value of HB10 share of T day is I/1000, and the formula for calculating the conversion rate of HB10 share is as follows: 
The conversion rate = (X / Y) / (I / 1000), and the number is rounded to 8 digits after the decimal point. 
4. According to the above conversion rate, we shall convert HB10 shares exchanged by the holders, and the converted HB10 shares shall be rounded to integers, plus the total amount of the converted HB10 share is the number of final HB10 share.

Converted share = original holding share (Y) × converted a proportion


Huobi Pro

June 11, 2018