Text & Video Tutorial: How to Post a Buy/sell Adv on Huobi P2P for Free?

The condition for posting advertisements:

If you want to become a Verified Advertiser(V-advertiser),please go to the Apply page.

Video Tutorial:


Text Tutorial:

Step 1: Click “Create Ad”.


Step 2: Publish an advertising page (for example: Selling BTC)

According to your needs, choose “Buy” or “Sell” and cryptocurrency. I choose “Sell” and  “BTC” here.


Step 3:Price (for example, Fixed Price)

Choose “Price Type”,I choose “Fixed Price” here. You could set the price according to your needs or market price.


Step 4:Limits

According to your needs, fill in the “Volume”,“Min. Limit”,“Max.Limit”,“Payment Window” within the input box prompt.


Step 5: Payment Method

You can choose which payment method you want to display to the buyer. If you want to add or modify, you can click the blue button.


Step 6: Counterparty Filter (optional)

You can filter traders with more trustworthiness. However, please note that too many filter requirements may decrease the trading success rate.


Step 7: Fund Password

You must input your Fund password. You can go to “User Center”-“Account & Security” to reset or modify.


Step 8: Post AD

This is the final step. You have to slide to verify and tick “I have read and agree to the ‘Terms of trading’ ”. Click “Create General AD”, a BTC selling advertisement now released.


Step 9: Check your Ads

Click “Ads” in the right corner then you can check your posted Ads.




The process is very simple and easy, please pay attention when you choose the "Local Currency" and the "Price". We don’t suggest advertisers make the difference in the price of your Ad and market are exaggerated, the advertiser needs to abide by the spirit of the contract, so please carefully check the "Price" when publishing.


Advertisement Standard

  1. Sorting of advertisements: The Price of advertisement and the publish time take precedence. For example: to sell USDT, $3 sorted before $6.4; but if may advertisers have been published the same price of 6.3, the people who posted the first will be listed at the top.
  2. Ads are hidden: Closing the page or login invalid, the ad will be hidden. But the Ads are not canceled automatically. But if an advertisement has 5 or more unprocessed orders and will be automatically hidden in the list.
  3. Price of advertisement: Due to the advertisement page can’t reload automatically, it is necessary to reload the page to see the latest price.
  4. Ads editing: Ad re-editing will affect the existing sorting, keeping in mind the rule of advertisement sorting.
  5. Ads cancellation: The Ads will be canceled only when it’s manually deleted or the stock is sold out.
  6. Block trade Ads publish failed: Only block trade merchant is allowed to publish buying Ads in the Block trade section.


Advertiser Service Notice

  1. Process orders in time to avoid advertisements hiding automatically.
  2. Proactively cancel 3 times or more, all buying functions will be limited on the same day.
  3. Recommend to cancel the advertisements when go offline or unable to timely process the order, to avoid unnecessary complaints.


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