Tradable Index product HB10 tracking the HUOBI 10 Index will be launched as of 10:00am June 1st

Dear User:

Subscription for the HUOBI 10 index tracker product HB10 will launch on 10:00am June 1st (UTC+8) through Huobi Pro. This index product is designed to fully replicate the HUOBI 10 Index and will be rebalanced based on the constituent coin trading pairs and their weight changes. Being first to market, HB10 offers interchangeability with other digital assets hosted by Huobi Pro. HB10 will help users attain exposure to the digital assets market with a relatively small capital outlay and also provide users with greater diversification across constituent coin trading pairs.

Overall, the tracker product will help users who are interested in blockchain technology to trade the broad digital assets market.


Subscription period

The subscription period is from 10:00 June 1 till 20:00 June 7. Users can subscribe to HB10 shares with USDT, BTC, ETH or HT. The minimum subscription amount is either 100 USDT, 0.01 BTC, 0.2 ETH or 50 HT for each account, while the maximum amount is 10 million USDT or equivalent. Each day, the successful subscribed amount is confirmed by the equivalent freezing of digital assets. The total amount of HB10 shares a user has successfully subscribed will be confirmed after the subscription period ends.




1. Preparation period

It takes three to five calendar days to take a position after the subscription period. Constituent coins will be bought in the same weights following the HUOBI 10 Index to construct HB10.


2. Subscription fee

Subscription fees will be borne by the user, which will be based on the subscription amount.

Subscription amount M in USDT

Subscription fee



500,000≤M<1 Million


M≥1 Million



3. Trading Pair Release

After the preparation period, HB10 would release trading pairs against USDT on Huobi Pro and traders can buy or sell HB10 with USDT.


4. Interchangeability of HB10

HB10 shares can be exchanged in/out with a basket of equivalent constituent coins. The exchange time is the same as trading time of Huobi Pro and if there is any change it will be published on website. HB10 shares that have been issued from an exchange, can be traded within the same day while the pended unsold HB10 cannot be exchanged out.

Fixed fee for exchange: Exchange in: 0.1%, Exchange out: 0.2%


5. Valuation of HB10 and the net value

(I)Valuation method

Constituent coins in the portfolio would take the latest price in USDT on Huobi Pro

(II) Net value of HB10

Net value of HB10 relies on the valuation of basket of constituent coins.

Net value=Total value of HB10/Total shares of HB10

Net value of HB10 is accurate to fourth decimal and IOPV would update every 15 seconds during the transaction time.


6. Asset Allocation

HB10 aims to track closely the HUOBI 10 Index with minimum tracking error. In tracker manager is thus committed to keep the tracking error to 0.2%. HB10 constituent coins are identical to the HUOBI 10 Index and the proportion of assets in HB10 will be more than 95% than that of the HUOBI 10 Index. HB10 will be rebalanced based on the constituent coin trading pairs and their weight changes to fully replicate the HUOBI 10 Index.


Any questions regarding to HB10, please email [email protected]


Huobi Pro

May 31, 2018