Deposit EOS and win 10,000 Huobi Tokens!

Dear users, 


From 12:00 pm, May 30 to 6:00 pm, May 31 (GMT+8), deposit EOS to your Huobi Pro account and get to share the airdrop pool of 10,000 Huobi Tokens, proportional to the EOS net deposit you will have (EOS deposit amount – withdrawal amount)! 

Airdrop will be awarded within 5 working days after the event. 

3 advantages of depositing EOS to Huobi Pro:

1. Huobi Pro will perform the EOS ERC20 chain-swap to the EOS Mainnet token automatically. There is no need for you to do any further action, and you do not have to worry about the EOS tokens being lost.

2. There is no restriction to trade, so you will not miss out on any trading opportunities! (During the EOS conversion period, transfer of EOS will not be allowed, so do deposit in advance for trading purposes).
3. Deposit EOS to your Huobi Pro account and stand to win HT airdrops, so what are you waiting for!

All rules and regulations of this event are subject to interpretation by Huobi Pro whose decision shall be final. Any form of cheating or intent to defraud, will result in the disqualification of the reward.

Huobi Pro
30 May 2018