Announcement on CoinMeet's rename

Dear users,

CoinMeet official smart contract has completed the upgrade, and the rename will be completed at 16:00, April 9th (GMT+8). The original CoinMeet currency code "MEE" has been changed to "MEET". The original MEE assets have been synchronized mapping to MEET assets. Within the trading page, the original MEE/BTC and MEE/ETH have also been replaced by MEET/BTC and MEET/ETH.

What you need to know after MEE's name has been changed:

  1. After the MEE is renamed, there will be a short period of time during which you may not see the Markets. Please wait for the system (orders, markets, etc.) to switch to MEET before starting any transactions.

  2. API users can do fault-tolerant mechanisms and automatically switch from MEE/BTC to MEET-BTC, and only the order interface and market interface will appear inconsistency for about 20 minutes. The program can receive two markets at the same time, but one of them will not have data.

The recovery time of its withdrawal and deposit still needs to be confirmed. Please pay attention to the announcement in time.We apologize for any inconvenience caused during the suspension. 

Contract address of MEET: 0x7f121d4ec6c07ebc7989d91d2d4ff654c068


Huobi Pro
April 9th 2018