FREE Margin Trading for a WHOLE WEEK 10:00 April 9th - 18:00 April 16th (GMT+8)

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10:00 April 9th - 18:00 April 16th (GMT+8)



1. FREE Margin Trading

Verified user who participates in the margin trading during 10:00 April 9th - 18:00 April 16th (GMT+8) can enjoy FREE margin trading! TOP 10 users (who contribute the highest margin interest) will also have an opportunity to get more loan amount and higher leverage multiples.


2. Special Rewards for New Margin Users

Verified user who uses margin trading for the first time will receive a double return on margin interest! That is, during the promotion, pay 100 USDT interest will get a cashback of 200 USDT.


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1. This promotion is only valid for registered users. Users can register during any time of the promotion period and can enjoy FREE margin trading. For example, if you register at 9:00 April 12th (GMT+8), you can still enjoy FREE margin trading between 10:00 April 9th - 18:00 April 16th (GMT+8).


2. You need to pay the interest first and your interest will be paid back in the 5 working days after the offer ends. Crypto margin fee will be calculated in USDT at the price of the market price at 18:00, April 16(GMT+8). The interest will be paid back in Points Cards and Points can be used to pay trading fees. 1 Point = 1 USDT trading fee.


3. If you have used margin trading before 10:00 April 9th, you need to apply for loans again before you can enjoy this promotion.

* The final interpretation of this offer is owned by the Huobi Pro. If there is any scalping behavior, Huobi Pro has the right to cancel its qualification!


Click here to learn about margin trading: Margin-Trading-Tutorial 


Huobi Pro

April 9, 2018