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Time: 17:00 April 18 – 17:00 April 25 (GMT+8)


1.Participate in any quiz of these public chain coins including EOS, ELF, IOST, ONT, ELA, ZIL, NAS, get scores of 60 minimum, and trade the corresponding coins (Users must have passed the ID verification).

2.  If you enter several quizzes, your rewards will be given according to your first quiz.

3.     Each user can get rewards of corresponding coins that are worth 5 USDT. Rewards will be given according to the trading volume up to TOP5000 traders for each coin.


Special rewards: For each coin, we will choose 5 lucky users at random and give them rewards in the corresponding coin that are worth 1,000 USDT.


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1.Block.one的CTO是谁?Who is the CTO of


2.目前EOS的版本号是多少?What is the current version number of EOS?

C.Dawn 3.0  

3.EOS目前总共有多少个合作VC?How many cooperative VCs that EOS currently have?


4.EOS的共识机制是什么? What is the consensus system of EOS?


5.EOS超级节点有多少个?How many EOS super node will be elected?



1.亦來云公链使用以下哪种模型表述token余额?Which of the following below does Elastos public chain use to describe the token amount?


2.亦来云怎样快速获得足够的算力保障?How does Elastos gain enough calculation capability insurance in time?

C.作为比特币的辅链联合挖矿 Merged mining as the Bitcoin side-chain

3.亦來云公链如何解决主链负担过重的问题?How does Elastos resolve the issue of overloading on main chain?

C.接入侧链Support the side chains accessing

4.亦來云如何保证主链到侧链的转账安全?How does Elastos guarantee the transaction security from the main chain to the side chain?

A.使用SPV机制 Use SPV mechanism

5.亦來云如何保证侧链到主链的转账安全?How does Elastos guarantee the transaction security from the side chain to the main chain?

B.仲裁人联合签名转账交易 Arbitrator’s joint signature over transactions


1.ELF的特点? The features of ELF blockchain system?  

C.拥有多条侧链。高性能,资源隔离,治理结构 High performance, resource isolation, self-evolving governance.

2.ELF是如何治理及发展的?  How does ELF system govern and develop?

B.设立代币持有人的委托票选制度 Voting by token holders.

3.ELF总量是多少?The total amountof ELF token is?

A.10亿 One billion.

4.ELF是什么?What is ELF?

D.去中心化云计算区块链网络 Decentralized self-evolving cloud computing network.

5.ELF的主要作用是什么?How can ELF tokens be used in aelf system? 

D.用于ELF的付费资源支付及治理决策 Pay resource fees in the system and enable community to vote on major decisions.


1.星云激励(NI)奖励的会覆盖哪些人? Who will be rewarded by Nebulas Incentives(NI)?

C.开发者和记账人developers and bookkeepers

2.星云链(Nebulas)支持的第一个智能合约语言是什么? What’s the first language Nebulas’ smart contract supports?     

A.JavaScript JavaScript

3.星云链(Nebulas)主网1.0上线时间(北京时间)? What’s Nebulas Mainnet 1.0 ‘s launch date inBeijing time?  

A.2018年3月30号March 30th, 2018

4.星云链区别于比特币,以太坊,能够帮助开发者升级智能合约的功能是? What’s Nebulas blockchain’s difference with Bitcoin and Ethereum that help developers to upgrade their smart contracts?  

B.Nebulas Force

5.星云链是否有挖矿奖励? Can Nebulas be mined?

C.有挖矿奖励,但新的共识PoD上线前暂不开放,官方维护挖矿奖励用于星云社区早期建设 Yes but it is not open to public until PoD is launched and all witness (bookkeeper/miner) of DPoS are now accounts officially maintained by Nebulas. 


1.以下是本体“共建者计划”合作伙伴的是? Which one is one of the partners of Ontology "co-builderplan"?

A.红杉资本Sequoia Capital

2.什么是本体链网? What is Ontology chain network? 

B.是由多个不同领域、不同地区的链形成链网结构,共同构成整个本体。每条链使用独立的分布式账本,通过交互协议进行协作。A chain network structure formed by chains in different fields and regions that together constitute the entire Ontology. Each chain uses separate distributed ledgers that collaborate through interactive protocols.

3.本体共识是什么共识算法? What consensus algorithm is Ontology consensus?

D.本体主链采用了新一代共识引擎(VBFT),实现了近乎无限的可扩展性。同时提供多种共识插件,子链可以自由选择/切换共识协议。The main chain of the ontology adopts a new generation of consensus engine (VBFT) and achieves almost unlimited scalability. At the same time it provides a variety of consensus plug-in, free choice of sub-chains/consensus protocol switching. 

4.本体使用的是什么智能合约体系? Which smart contract system does Ontology use?

D.本体支持NeoVM合约,NATIVE合约和WASM智能合约体系,支持Java、C#、Python、Javascript等作为智能合约开发语言,降低接入门槛。Ontology supports NeoVM contracts, NATIVE contracts, and WASM smart contract systems. Java, C#, Python, and Javascript are supported as smart contract development languages to reduce the access threshold.

5.本体的github是什么时候开源的? When is Ontology github open-sourced ? 

C. 2018 3月底   End of March, 2018 


1.Zilliqa如何实现高吞吐量?How does Zilliqa achieve high throughput?

A. 分片技术 Through a technique called sharding 

2.随着网络节点的增加Zilliqa能处理的交易量也能增加?In Zilliqa, the number of transactions that can be processed is increased as the size of the network grows?

B.是 True 

3.Zilliqa所采用的共识协议算法是? Zilliqa uses the following protocol for consensus?

C.拜占庭容错 Practical Byzantine Fault 

4.Zilliqa今后能不能支持智能合约?Will Zilliqa be able to support smart contracts in future?


5.为了确保安全与去中心化Zilliqa规定每个分片需要有至少?  In order to ensure security and decentralisation, Zilliqa requires that each shard has a minimum of?

B.600节点 600 nodes


1. 以下哪家机构没有参与IOST? Which of the following agency is not partner or inverstor of IOST?

A.IDG资本 IDG Capital

2.IOST基础链团队的愿景是什么 ?What is the vision of the IOST base-layer chain team?

C.为在线智能服务打造第一个扩容性强,安全性高,且满足去中心化的开发平台。To create the very first development platform for online intelligent services with strong capacity expansion, high security and decentralization. 

3.IOST采用了什么共识算法?What consensus algorithm was adopted by IOST? 

D.IOST采用的是POB共识,置信度证明算法,在提供了高扩容性的基础上还保障了相对高度的去中心化和安全性。POB (Proof-of-Believe) provides a relatively high degree of decentralization and security on the basis of high scalability.

4.IOST的编程语言是什么?What is the programming language of IOST?


5.IOST的主网大约什么时候上线? When will the main net of IOST goonline ? 

A.2018年12月 - 2019年3月 December 2018 - March 2019


Rewards will be sent to account within 5 working days after the quiz is over, and the price of corresponding coins will be the price of 17:00 on April 25 (GMT+8). The final interpretation of this offer is owned by Huobi Pro. If we find any cheating or scalping, we have the right to cancel his or her qualification.

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