Important Announcement: Announcement of Huobi C2C global version is launching and system update

Dear users,


System of Huobi C2C will be updated at 06:00 on April 13th (GMT+8). It is expected that the update time will last 2 hours. Web and Android/iOS APP will be unavailable to use during the system update.


It is recommended that you make a good arrangement in advance to avoid asset loss caused by market fluctuations. If you have placed ads, it is recommended that you remove your ads in advance to avoid complaints.


Global version updates are as follows:


OTC will support global advertising and the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification mechanism

1.      Advertising currencies are added: US dollar (USD) and Singapore dollar (SGD);

2.      Advertising countries are added: Singapore, India, Vietnam, Canada, Australia, Korea, and Switzerland;

3.      Payment methods are added: paypal, paynow, Western Union, SWIFT;

4.      “Search” function is available in the Home Page and “Filter” is newly added in the transaction list so that you can directly filter ads.



Other updates are as follows:


1, Adjustment of the Block Trade area.


a) The limit of the ads in the Block Trade area is increased to 200 BTC or 3,000 ETH, or 4,000,000 USDT;


b) In the Block Trade area, ads of Super Merchants have a priority of ranking;


c) The withdrawal limit of super merchants is increased to 400 BTC or 4,000 ETH, or 1,200,000 USDT.


2. Gesture verification of App is launched.

According to different iOS devices, our app now supports gesture verification and Face ID login;

Android app now supports gesture verification login.


Huobi C2C is committed to providing a trusted third-party platform for global users who have digital asset exchange requirements. More and more global professional users will join us.


The construction of platform’s ecosystem requires the joint efforts and maintenance of everyone. Global C2C merchants are wanted at present, and we welcome you to join us! Please send emails to [email protected]


Thank you for your support!

April 13, 2018