Ushering Chinese New Year with “Trade to Win” Huobi Token (HT) New Year Draw

Dear Huobi Pro users,

To celebrate Chinese New Year and usher in Spring in 2018, Huobi Pro specially launched a Huobi Token (HT) “Trade to Win” New Year Draw. To participate in the lucky draw, users will need to complete the stipulated task during the campaign period. 

Activity Duration: 15 February 2018 from 20:00 to 16 February 2018 02:00, Singapore time (UTC + 8)

Huobi Pro New Year Draw Prizes:

Grand Prize x 1 lucky winner: receive 6,666HT

Prosperity Prize x 6 lucky winners: 666HT per person

Fortune Prize x 66 lucky winners: 66.6HT per person

Consolation Prize x 666 lucky winners: 6.66HT per person

Participation Prize x all participants*: 1.66HT per person

*Participants who fulfilled the campaign requirements but did not win any prizes will receive 1.66HT

Note: Lucky Winners of the Grand Prize and Prosperity Prize will be required to share their win and experience on at least one of these social media platform – Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or Wechat to qualify for the prize.

Activity Rules:

The New Year Draw is eligible for Huobi Pro users who trade 1,000 HT and above from Singapore time (UTC + 8) 20:00, 15 February 2018 to 02:00, 16 February 2018. After the campaign period, the New Year Draw winners will be selected based on a randomised lucky draw system.

Huobi Pro New Year Draw Results Announcement:

Winners of the New Year Draw will be announced on Huobi Pro's official platforms such as the website, Twitter, Telegram group, Facebook, Wechat and Weibo on 12:00, 17 February 2018. Winners of the Grand Prize and Prosperity Prize will be required to share and screenshot their posts announcing their win and experience on social media. The winners for the other categories will receive their rewards within 24 hours of the announcement.

Note: Due to the large number of winners, Huobi Pro will only announce the winners’ UIDs for the winners of the Grand Prize and Prosperity Prize. SMS notifications will be sent out to the remaining winners.

Important Notice:

1. Users can participate in the New Year Draw by trading the stipulated amount on Huobi Pro (1,000 HT and above) within the campaign period (20:00, 15 February 2018 to 02:00, 16 February 2018) for a chance to win the prizes;

2. Each participating user will only be entitled to one chance in the New Year Draw;

3. Participants from the U.S. and Germany will not be eligible for the New Year Draw.

Once again, with the coming of Spring, Huobi Pro wishes everyone a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. We wish you luck and all the best in the Year of the Dog!

Huobi Pro

14 February 2018