300 million HT all Given Away for Purchasing Point Card Package

Dear users,

Since Huobi Pro started to give away Huobi Token (HT) on Jan 24th for purchasing point card package, we received overwhelming market response. Up to now, we have all given away 300 million HT.

Huobi Tokens, or HTs, are tokens powering Huobi’s blockchain-backed loyalty point system. HTs have a total supply of 500 million, all of which are given away to users for free: 60% (300 million) of HTs are distributed as a benefit for the purchase of transaction fee packages from January 24, 2018 to February 7, 2017; 20% (100 million) of HTs are reserved for user rewards and platform operation; and 20% (100 million) HTs are reserved as team incentive with a 4-year vesting schedule. 

From now on, you can still purchase point card package but can’t get free HT anymore.

Here all four packages for you to choose(No Expiry Date):

100 Point Package: Worth 100USDT. Price is 90USDT.

1000 Point Package: Worth 1000USDT. Price is 800USDT.

10000 Point Package: Worth 10000USDT. Price is 7000USDT.

100000 Point Package: Worth 100000USDT. Price is 50000USDT.

Click here to buy Point Card Package: https://www.huobipro.com/ht/points/

Thanks for your support to Huobi!

Huobi Pro

February 13, 2018